• Losing interest in doing things you normally enjoy 

  • Feeling down, sad or hopeless all the time

  • Urgency to do something, becoming more fidgety and restless than usual 

  • Feeling tired or not having much energy 

  • Change in eating habits and weight

  • Change in sleep pattern

  • Not wanting to get out of bed

  • Having trouble concentrating on everyday things, such as watching the television or reading the paper

  • Neglecting your appearance, not wanting to shower or do simple things like brush your hair or teeth

  • Little interest in going out and socialising

  • Not listening or receiving information when people are talking to you

  • Overthinking the future or believing you don't have one

  • Worrying about things that haven't happened yet

  • Trying to make sure everything is 'perfect', that everything you do has to be done right now, the smallest problem seems like the end of the world

  • Feeling that nothing is going right and you are being over self-critical and self-blaming

  • Having mind blanks, feeling like you have dementia or a memory loss problem 

  • Believing you have an incurable illness or wishing you had one

  • Finding it hard to be with people

  • Thoughts of death

  • Finding it hard to explain how you feel, feeling in a dark place 

If you are experiencing more than 10 of these symptoms then it's time to talk to someone!