Taking time to focus on our self-care/self-love isn't necessarily something that comes easy, however it is essential in maintaining our general wellbeing and mental stability. So ensuring we take time to look after our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

Meditation is designed to strengthen your concentration, to focus on the breath and take a time out on your thoughts.

It takes practice, nothing good comes easy, but by finding 10 minutes a day can really make a difference. 

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HOW IT WORKS: Through the Nose - Healing molecules are inhaled into our bodies when we smell fragrance. Heating essential oils and burning joss sticks vaporises the oil so that we can breathe in its molecules more easily. Through the Skin - Essential oils applied to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream to take immediate effect.

Aromatherapy oils can be used in massages, baths and can be easily be mixed with products such as lotion shower gel and shampoo.
These can also be burned in an aromatherapy vaporiser to fill your surroundings with your favourite essential oils.

Scented candles are an ideal way of filling your surroundings with relaxing, gentle aromas. Candles can be used in meditation and can change the atmosphere and mood of a room. Over a period of time they will subtly change your mood and emotions.


Massage is an excellent way to achieve deep relaxation. It relieves you from muscle tensions and promotes better circulation in your body. Treat yourself to a massage to allow yourself drift off into a place of serenity where it is just you and no distractions. Time to reflect and allow the pent up stress and worries to be freed from your mind body and soul. It can allow you to fully unwind away from your busy day-to-day activities. 


Yoga is really good for stretching out all of your muscles, releasing tension that has been building up in your body and regulating your breathing. It is also amazing for your posture! Yoga is all about controlling the breath and how to focus on your balance. I really recommend yoga for everyone because it feels so good to stretch every muscle in your body and you feel really good afterwards.


Light therapy can help those affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and depression. Speak to your GP about using light therapy as there are different types. I have an alarm clock that gradually brightens before my alarm goes off, this helps me to wake up so much easier. It is meant to mimic the sunrise, so your brain starts to wake up slowly and it is meant to replace the sun that is lost during winter times. 

Getting as much natural daylight can be really beneficial towards your mood and sleep, along with fresh air. Keeping your work and home as light and airy as possible. Even if it's just a little walk in the sun on your lunch break. 


Hypnotherapy is not what you see on the TV where you get put 'under' and give away your bank details or dance naked, no. It's about connecting with your subconscious whilst you are in a deep state of hypnosis/meditation (you can open your eyes at any time, you are still in control). For me it it a deeper state of meditation whilst listening to a hypnotist get me to a happy place.

I found hypnotherapy really effective for my anxiety & depression, I really recommend!  

Crystal therapy is something that has really helped me to have a more positive outlook because I really appreciate how they are all so unique and have different meanings. You are usually drawn to a crystals for a reason and its great to carry them around with you for protection from different frequencies. All of which have come from the earth, formed by different pressures, minerals and temperatures. They all have their own story. Click here to read more.