Successfully succeeding

It’s drummed in from a really early age that to succeed in life you must work hard, that you will never get anywhere if you don’t study at school.....

It can kind of feel like we are being set up to fail, the anxiety of ‘what ifs’ and the annoying impending doom of adulthood. We live in day of age where social media and ‘influencers’ have a strong presence when actually it’s a poor portrayal of body image and how you measure success through a number of likes.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and when that’s measured and constantly compared to the peer next to you at school or in life it can become unhealthy, damaging to self esteem and even at times become the root of bullying.

What should be explained to one another is the success of feeling happy, or contentment, of striving for things that are pleasurable to you, of how to give self love is a success.

Inclusion and caring, gratitude that should resemble success.

When ever my daughter gets a new toy I tell her to go home and introduce that toy to the others so it never feels left out, so no one feels left out. I would like her to grow up with a big heart. So she grows giving others and herself a sense of worth, building on self esteem.That academic stuff will fall in to place if it needs to but I just want her to be a good human. And she is. She’s kind and loving and strong.

That is success.

It’s taken me a long time to understand the significance of self success but even longer for me to enjoy the process, to take in the scenery so to speak, to my destination. I try and reflect as much as possible, not to find fault or to self sabotage but to understand where I’m going and what I have to do next. I’ve learnt to have pride, and that is the most wonderful feeling. I work hard on myself for myself. I no longer seek approval from others and it’s so liberating. Not because I don’t care but because I matter first.

To inspire, to motivate, to love - yourself and others, that’s success.

To work on being the best version of yourself and push your own boundaries for self gratification. That’s success.

To not compare or compete as we are never aware of someone else‘s journey of happiness. That’s success. To hear that someone is proud of you is lovely, to be proud of yourself, that’s success.

To get up to face another day because they one you just experienced wasn’t that great, that’s success.

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