It’s good to talk.....

I am the biggest fan of talking therapies even if you think you don’t ‘need’ them. I truly believe everyone should see a therapist at some point in their life.

I’ve seen several in my lifetime so far and I probably will see more. They help me massively where pharmaceutical medicine does not.

I see therapists as a sounding board, they help me put my thoughts and feelings in order and understand the difference.

There is such a taboo about admitting if we’ve seen a therapist or not. I’m not really sure why. You would see a doctor and tell people about it if it was about any other part of the body but not be open about your own brain.

People should be proud that they are doing something, taking steps to make themselves into the people they want to become. That they are making a step to change the life that they are living in to a life that they want. Why should that not be something to be proud of!?

This feeling of shame or guilt, the feeling of being vulnerable..... it isn’t pleasant but hear this: your story will be the saviour of someone else’s life. It will help them not feel alone or abandoned. Ashamed or scared.

I’m half way through group therapy right now and I have met some of the MOST incredible people on my life! Their strength and their bravery is overwhelming. What is beautiful about the group is there’s no comparison or competition, we are all the same. We build each other up and a room of 16 strangers we have the most things in common. We do not judge. We do not seek sympathy. We give empathy.

It’s a real glimpse of what humans SHOULD be like and I am so proud to be part of it. We are humans trying to make sense of how we work.

We don’t talk about how we got there we talk about how we manage and how we need to make changes and how we need to acknowledge ourselves and others, how we should communicate- with ourselves and with others.

You see, it’s good to talk because we never know what someone else is thinking and we all deserve a chance at life.

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