This page is dedicated to the people I have met on my journey and who I would call inspirational! We have met for the same reasons, trying to share our experience's to help others. Beautiful, kind and selfless people who are trying to make a difference. So naturally I wanted to share their work and get their name out there as it could help someone else!

For so long I have wanted to create a platform of information and a resource that people can come and find healing therapies that will help them.

We are all so unique and different, that we all need to find the right help that suits the demands of our lives. 

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Massage Therapist's Nikki and Katie have a beautiful therapy room which is a truly tranquil space, they are professionally trained and have also worked abroad in Ibiza for many years. They are based in Oldland Common in Bristol. 

Massage is an excellent way to achieve deep relaxation. It relieves you from muscle tensions and promotes better circulation in your body. Treat yourself to a massage once a fortnight to let all your worries and stresses be freed from your body, whilst you relax. It can allow you to fully unwind away from your busy day-to-day activities. If you are interested, why not get in touch. 



Instagram - thegreenroom5 ​

Email - greenroomorganics@outlook.com



 Rose Bird A.K.A Medic Yogi

Medical Student, Yoga enthusiast, Acro-Lover, Vegan and all-round Good Egg. 


I have 8 years of experience in teaching & training in yoga and meditation. I have travelled all around the world in my endeavour to learn as well as pass on the wisdom of yoga as a physical, mental and spiritual practice.  


I bring a unique depth of knowledge, experience and intuition to my teaching. 


I myself have suffered with severe mental health issues. Having been hospitalised for a short period in my late teens. This experience has sculpted me into a stronger more empathetic individual, with a genuine love of helping others. 


In this busy world, we all need a fun, non-judgmental and adaptable approach to finding well-being - and I seek to create safe places for people to explore this. 


From a kind and compassionate centre… I love developing challenging yoga flows to help us keep moving through life in an inquisitive and energetic way.


From and relaxed approachable foundation… I love to individually guide and build meditation practices that can be enjoyed by anyone. 

Spiritual Tiik

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I met Tiik at the Heart Chakra Glastonbury, on top of the Tor. We were both just enjoying the gorgeous weather and I noticed she had brought all her crystals to charge in the sun! I had also brought with me my angel cards, as it was such a lovely day! Meeting Tiik was a day I will never forget as she was extremely passionate about self healing and vibrational energies which was completely inspiring. I want to share her amazing energy because she is beautiful inside and out and has so much passion to share and it is totally sensational. So please check out her pages below because they will give you life!!